About Us

An Introduction

The concept of She is Marguerite came to me during a time of searching, growing, and dreaming. She is Marguerite, was my vehicle for authenticity, awakening, abundance, community and belonging.

In its current form and iteration, She is Marguerite, is a vault of free expression focused around yarn, knitwear, and natural animal fibers.

I invite you to share in the offering with me… this is only the beginning.


Who We Are

The brand She is Marguerite is born out of a dream, gratitude, and a wondering. It is inspired by a dear friend who is now beaming sun and light through the sky and dancing among the stars. Through the cultivation of She is Marguerite, the  memory of his is brought to life. The items produced are bespoke and handcrafted with an open heart and imperfection. The brand She is Marguerite is a vehicle for community, authenticity, and awakening of new idea and creative concept. The story of the creator is told time and time again from the art that is imagined with it.


A Message from the Creator

With a deep and everlasting gratitude, I from the bottom of my heart thank you for supporting and nurturing She is Marguerite. I welcome you in the process of thinking, sharing, and spreading imagination, all of which are inherent to She is Marguerite.