Introducing the Face Behind She is Marguerite

When thinking about what feels important to share a few words and sentiments come to mind. Learner, thinker, feeler, traveler, dreamer. I believe in searching for natural beauty and seeing and appreciating small blessings. In being in touch with nature. In the healing power of relationships. I believe that laughter and food are vehicles to happiness and an open heart and that there is a special wisdom gained from being and sharing in community.

She is Marguerite draws inspiration from all the above. The learning is everlasting… so, I invite you to share in the process of growing together.

Our Beginning, Your Inspiration

She is Marguerite is born out of a dream, gratitude, and a wondering. It is inspired by a dear friend who is now beaming sun and light through the sky and dancing among the stars. Through the cultivation of She is Marguerite, the memory of his is brought to life. The items produced are bespoke and handcrafted with an open heart and imperfection. The brand She is Marguerite is a vehicle for community, authenticity, and awakening of new idea and creative concept. The story of the creator is told time and time again from the art that is imagined with it.

She is marguerite

Hand Dyed Yarn

Bespoke, small assortment, novelty and upscale yarns dyed for you with love aways 

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She is Marguerite

Handspun Yarn

Intentional, one of a kind, high quality, handspun yarn spun for you with an open heart

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She is Marguerite

Textured Art Batts

All that is to be imagined in fiber forms, carded for you with purpose

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She is Marguerite

Roving Forms

Artfully inspired roving braids dyed for you with care

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She Is Marguerite


These are One of a Kind. To be worn as your heart desires, as a scarf, bag tie, hair accessory. The possibilities are infinite.  

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Our Inspiration

She is Marguerite draws inspiration from the process of life and living. The art forms reflect the of unexpected, wonderful, and raw nature of being human. She is Marguerite taps into beauty that is within and around us all. We believe in the philosophy that every being has an inherent value and wisdom. We invite you to take a moment, slow down, breathe, explore, and become.

Like a blue amorphous butterfly, She is Marguerite is in the everlasting process of evolving. So stay tuned for more.

It is an honor to be able to attend and show up to this work in this way. Thank you for being here. All are welcome.

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Sleeping Heart

An whimsical sleeping heart fiber art piece 

  • Where to find She is Marguerite

    For now, shop us online at more to come on the storefront/retail side of things

  • Words to Guide You

    This being human is a guest house.
    Every morning a new arrival...
    Meet them at the door laughing,
    And invite them in...Be grateful for whoever comes,
    Because each has been sent
    As a guide from beyond.

    - Rumi

  • Upcoming Events

    December 2, 2023

    Belmont Art Association

    12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

    Claflin Street Municipal Parking Lot; Belmont Center, MA