A Visit from A Guide, The Blue Amorphous Butterfly

In the canvas of your mind, visualize a small cocoon hanging from a delicate branch. This cocoon is a symbol of opportunity, potential, and transformation. As you observe it, feel a sense of anticipation and openness towards change within yourself.

As you focus on the cocoon, imagine it beginning to stir. Slowly, it starts to crack open, and from within emerges a magnificent, vibrant amorphous butterfly. Its wings are a kaleidoscope of bright blue hues, reflecting in the sunshine. Observe without judgement the things that you are in the process of shedding or have shed recently such as the butterfly has with its cocoon.

Picture the butterfly taking its first flight, hovering gracefully in the air, at times revealing a radiant iridescent glow. As the butterfly flutters around you and dances before you, it invites you to follow in its lead. It is just you and the butterfly. Notice the energy of transformation that surrounds it and embrace the invitation to think of your own personal growth.

Watch as the butterfly hovers in front of you, its wings moving with elegant precision. As you gaze upon its majestic form, notice the intricate details of each wing. Notice the vibrant blue color that radiates a calming energy, wrapping you in a cocoon of safety and serenity.

As the butterfly graces your outstretched arm, feel the light touch of its being. Allow your breath to deepen, syncing with the natural rhythm of the butterfly's wings. Observe its transformative beauty up close. Feel its delicate presence, an important reminder that change can be both a beautiful and natural process. Sense the freedom and abundance that come with embracing transformation.

Begin to come in touch with the sense of a deep understanding and knowing from within, that the blue butterfly has arrived here today to guide you. There is a connection, a harmonious exchange of energy between you and this magnificent being. Allow yourself to be curious and go with ease. Allow the butterfly to be your guide. Welcome what may come.   

As you follow, the scenery starts to come into focus. You the gentle breeze as you follow the butterfly, guiding you along a peaceful path. You become aware of the sounds of nature and listen to the soft whispers of the wind. The grass feels soft and textured beneath your bare feet. A gentle breeze takes you forward. Feel the kiss of the sunshine as it touches your skin. Notice the play of golden yellow sunlight and shadows that hold the space around you. As you walk, feel a sense of freedom washing over you. Receive the peace from the offering here. 

Take a few moments to reflect on any awakening, changes, or transformations you may be experiencing now in your own life. Try to embrace these changes with a sense of openness, non-judgement, and acceptance, just like the blue amorphous butterfly embracing its newfound freedom.

With each beat of the butterfly's wings, feel the wave of positivity and inspiration washing over you. Receive the butterfly and its uplifting energy, infusing you with a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and curiosity. Observe in awe as the amorphous butterfly weaving through the air, creating ripples of warmth and new beginnings. 

Visualize the butterfly gracefully taking flight once more. It circles around you before dancing away into the distance, its soft blue glow still beaming in your memory. Allow yourself to feel a sense of gratitude for this journey the symbolic presence of the blue amorphous butterfly in your life.

May you carry the energy of this meditation with you, remembering the beauty of transformation and the endless possibilities that come with embracing change.


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