A Philosophy on Buying

She is Marguerite and the summer months go together effortlessly. However, the autumn months are a close second. As we make this transition to fall and into what I think of as “sheep season”, gathering freshly sheared fleeces from various sheep and wool festivals becomes front of mind.

Pictured above is one of the fleeces that I fell absolutely and undeniably in love with at a sheep and wool festival the previous year.

Choosing a fleece has always been an intimate and intuitive process. Each of the fleeces which are included in She is Marguerite are chosen with love and purpose. The practice of incorporating intentionality when shopping can be challenging but it makes the purchase all the more special.

When selecting a fleece I follow where my hands and heart take me. To new colors, and to different textures. I buy when I feel a shift towards inspiration and wondering. I try to take this way of thinking and perspective beyond selecting fleeces. 


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